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Hello gorgeous! 🙂
I have not been arround for much, but I love putting my opinions over here! And with the new year, I decided to change a little bit this blog and take more good care of it!
Look: I will try to change the look of this blog making it more minimalistic, so that you will see only the important things on the page! Plus I think it will be more of my style and less complicated for those without ever experiencing a blog before.
Content: My posts will be more on point, there is no need for any “bla bla” on a simple review. Posts will be shorter so that everyone will get their information quick and easy. Also I will try my best to include better quality photos, where you ca see the products as you should.
As for what I will write on this blog: Product Reviews, Beauty Boxes Unboxing, Tips&Tricks, Skin Care, Lifestyle, Beauty Hauls.
Debatable subjects:
Makeup Tutorials stept by step with photos
Mens Fashion posts or a Mens Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

*I will try to come up with a consistent program and a schedule.

This is all for today, tell me what do you think of my future plans for this blog and what do you think can be improved to be more of a real beauty blog! Thank you!

Stay Beautiful,

I have been a bad blogger! Where have I been and what I’ve done the last couple of weeks!

Hello there amazing reader! 🙂
Happy New Year!!! I hope you have entered 2015 happy and ready to rule this year, cause you are awesome and you can do it!

I am sorry for my absence, but Christmas Holidays are really busy usually and I enjoyed it maybe too much and forgot to come on here and say at least some nice words to you beautiful people! :*

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, with your family and friends and that Santa Claus brought you lovely presents! I had a lovely Christmas with my lovely boyfriend and a good friend that stayed over for Christmas Holidays. Being east-european, on Christmas Eve we’ve opened the presents, and listened to Christmas music. On the Christmas Day, I kept the Romanian tradition of eating pork… and let me just tell you how good it was! ❤
We’ve spent Christmas Day in bed, watching movies like “Home Alone”, “Surviving Christmas” and so on. Late that day, we had a little walk thru the little center of Puteaux (right next to Paris) and I was amazed that there were no people outside, but we had fun taking selfies and photos with these lovely huge Ginger Bread decorations! 🙂
10891925_757488421007026_6115433918462365316_n 10885060_757484081007460_1654315352364626238_n IMAG0010_1IMAG0016
The second day of Christmas I went at an opera concert in Paris (Opera de Bastille) called “La Boheme” not because I enjoy opera, but my bf does! 🙂

Next days were just as chill as the Christmas Day, mostly because one of my Christmas Presents was a new phone, and I just enjoyed it a little by discovering everything that can do (I am a tech-lover after all). Also, I’ve opened an Instagram account (maybe the last person on earth to do so) and you can follow me @john.george04 ( ) You will see more of my face from now on, also installing the Instagram widget on my blog, so you can see the latest pictures posted! 🙂

Days have passed quickly and out of no where it was New Year! 🙂 New year’s, as Christmas was spent at home, having a lovely dinner in family and enjoying each others company! Nothing too big and exciting in my life I have to say so in the last couple of weeks, but maybe you can understand why I’ve been absent and how my holidays went by…

I hope you have made your New Year’s resolutions, if so and do not mind sharing them just comment down bellow telling me what do you wish to accomplish this year? How would you like to make 2015 so that it will be your year!?
I just want to keep my blog growing and writing quality posts for you beautiful creatures so we can expand our big family! 🙂
Also, I will start uploading videos on YouTube (hopefully soon enough) and stay focused on those 2 things this year!

This is what happened to me these weeks, not too much, but I had a lovely time spent at home! 🙂 I have to say I am back and not leaving this time… But I would like to know, what kind of posts would you like me to write next?
I Love You Gif 3

Stay Beautiful,

GIFT GUIDE for Him! Christmas Edition! <3

Gifts-for-Him-01 Hello good-looking! 🙂
Ohhh, we all know how hard it is to give a gift to a man! You do not have a million choices, plus you have to know your male friend or partner very well cause man gifts can be hard to figure out! So let’s see if we can together figure out what a man would like for this Christmas! 🙂

1. Games or Console
Video-game-library 07097918-photo-ps4
If he plays a lot of video games on the PC or on a console (on phones do not count) he would love a brand new game! This is easy, go somewhere where they sell games and ask someone wich one is new and popular. Or if you feel extra fancy and your budget is not that bad then buy him a new gaming console that he would like! But just be sure, he is very into video games! 🙂
2. High-Tech
en-INTL_L_Mophie_Juice_Pack_Powerstation_Duo_DHF-00677_mnco Tetris Light - £29.99 - available from (1) beats-by-dr-dre-wireless-bluetooth-headphones flying-x8
Most men like high-tech stuff! So why not just buy them something new on the market that they would enjoy.You can buy him something funky like a Tetris Lamp or a Juice USB Charger. My favorites are the Wireless Headphones or the Flying Drone! ❤ Also High Quality Speakers are in trend now, the smaller but louder the better! 🙂

3. Sports Gear
LG-Lifeband-Touch-387x300 Mens-Sport-Fashion-500x353 sports-equipment-4001
If your male friend/boyfriend an exercise guy? Does he enjoy working out and staying fit? Well maybe you can buy him some new sorts gear depending on what he likes to do:
If he has a favorite sport that he plays, buy him some new gear to practice/play with!
If he is just a gym guy, buy him some new gym clothes, a Sports Smart Watch or a new blender to prepare his shakes! Haha! 🙂

4. Fashion Accessories
StanRaw-MetroMan-StyleScoop-600x424 valentinus-iphone4-promo2sector-men-watches-r3273611-225
Hmm, this is for the gentlemen that like to look good when out in public! That take care of their image and like how they look! That have a sense of fashion… Buy him fr this Christmas some fashion accessories like a new Scarf or even a Phone Case that can also be a wallet! If you feel like he deserves more, a watch can be a ticket to his heart! 🙂

5. Beauty Products
020714358976m9290694_P1941030_princ_la m9450931_P1964023_princ_la m9730524_P2015005_princ_la
Who said men don’t groom and take care of themselves? In 2014 men care as much as women about how they look, aging, hair, ad so on! So why not gifting him some beauty products like an Anti-Age Set or a Shaving Kit! 🙂 Men love to feel beautiful too! ❤

So I hope this short post was helpful for you to figure out what you wish to gift you close male friend/partner! 🙂
If you have any other idea, please let them in the comments bellow so people can check them out as well!
If you wish to have any more information about the products displayed, please ask down bellow! 🙂

Stay Beautiful,

Glossybox “Veltvet Box” – Christmas Special Edition Box! : Unboxing + Coupon Codes!

DSC_0616 Hello cute stuff! 🙂
Well, well… Do I still need to tell you how much I love Christmas? NO!
I just received The Velvet Box from Glossybox!!! ❤ This is their Limited Edition Christmas Special Box, that sold after 4 hours of being up on their website! There were only 1000 available for the price of 25 Euros and it promises full size products, new and high-end beauty products!
The box is just stunning! Looks like one of those old jewelry boxes, red velvet coated with gold decoration and magnet closing system! I would say just the box itself it is worth all the money!
DSC_0617DSC_0618  Besides the Glossy Magazine, I received a total of 6 full-sized products!
1. DSC_0621 -417 Foot Nourishing Cream (100ml) – A deep moisturizing cream that leaves your feet soft and not feeling greasy! Price for full size (100ml) – 12 Euros
* 30% OFF your shopping cart is you shop on MINUS417 until 31.01.2015 | Code: GLOSSYXMAS
2.DSC_0619 BROAER Therapy Cream (75ml) – Great smelling hair mask that softens your hair and makes it look more healthy! Price for full size (75ml) – 15,95 Euros
3.DSC_0624 MARSK Mineral Eye-shadow Duo Pack – Tinsel (2,4g) – Two gorgeous eyeshadows, perfect for this period of time, very good quality and pigmented! Price for full size (2,4g) – 35 Euros
4.DSC_0623 USLU AIRLINES Nailpolish XMS (11ml) – A deep red nail polish that will make your nail look glamorous and extra festive! Price for full size (11ml) – 19 Euros
* 15% OFF of your shopping cart at UsluArlines until 31.01.2015 | Code: 781-841-614
5.DSC_0625 BOTTEGA VERDE Base Trucco Perlescente (30ml) – This is a makeup base for your face, infused with vitamin E that makes your skin glow! Price for full size (30ml) – 15,49
6.DSC_0622 ROYAL APOTHIC TINTIES Lip Balm (3,4g) – This super cute, circus themed, tinted lip balm in the color “BERRY” is so amazing for your lips, plus the packaging is adorable! ❤ Price for full size (3,4g) – 13,40 Euros

And because I love you so much, here is a coupon code for you to use if you want to start your GlossyBox Subscription, you get 25% OFF your first box of your subscription! Just enter the code : XMAS14 and you will get a discount on your first box!
DSC_0626DSC_0627 Available Until : 31.12.2014

Value of the Glossybox Velvet Box December: 110,84 Euros! WOW!
I love this box; From the design to the products to its actual value! This made my December and I am so excited to use these products all year round! 😀

Stay Beautiful,

GIFT GUIDE for Christmas: Nails Edition

NailKitGiftSetBlog1Hello sexy! 🙂
Let me help you today with a couple of ideas for someone who loves Nail Art! These are the type of people who always have their nail polish perfect, fancy designs and everyone want to have their nails!
Maybe you are wondering how can you gift nail products to someone like this; Well I am here to help you figure out what to buy:

1. Nail Polish Sets!
m7390787_P1608012_princ_la m8341067_P1744041_princ_la m9510468_P1975037_princ_la m9660578_P1999087_princ_la
Nail sets are a great way to “get away with murder” for this Christmas! These usually are made so that the color schemes work together. Also they are at special prices being in a set, you it would be cheaper than buying each one individual! Prices will go up and down depending on the brand you buy them from, but if you have the budget go with the better quality ones from big brand names! Most known is O.P.I. but Nail Inc. is also a very good brand for Nail Polishes! 😀 Just be sure you find the right colors for the person you are buying for! 🙂

2. Nails Kit in a Jar!
e361838819f4b272c4fd49c35f496179 I love this one! Gifts in Jars are so HOT this year! You can customize them however you want, with whatever you want! So why not make a Nail Kit for that someone special! Buy a cute jar, put together the essentials :
Cuticle Cream
Nail Clippers
Nail File
Nail Polish
Top Coat
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Pads
And now, all that is left is to decorate the jar with a message or cute ribbons, glitter, paint it, wrap it.. do whatever you want! You have endless choices in how you can decorate your jar that you would like to give as a gift! I find jars so cute and personalized, they make the perfect present!

Stay Beautiful,

GIFT GUIDE for Christmas: Makeup Edition

Hello there, beautiful creature!
makeup-18th-Birthday-Gift-BasketsToday I want to help you with some ideas for your gift shopping list about makeup: What to buy, how to give it, tips&tricks.
First, let’s talk about the person you should give makeup to: This person should really be into makeup, and enjoy trying makeup, does his/her makeup every time she/he goes out or just for fun. DO NOT buy makeup for someone who is scared of trying out new stuff, or wears makeup just on special occasions.
How much to spend: This depends only on your budget, or how important the person is for you!But even if that person is important and you have a limited budget, do not think about it; the important thing is that you thought of him/her.

Makeup Sets!
m9220443_P1930003_princ_la  m9320778_P1901005_princ_la m9460710_P1966025_princ_la m9550574_P1982013_princ_la m9810447_P2009045_princ_la
Makeup Sets are a great way to simplify your shopping, cause they have everything you need in one set! But you have to know the person, so you are sure that he/she will use everything in this gift set! You have foundation sets, eyeliner sets, eyeshadow sets, lip product sets and so on! And you can find them on a wide price range, but keep in mind that usually SETS ARE AT SPECIAL PRICES! I think Benefit have the most versatile sets, and they are so cute decorated everyone will love them!

Eyeshadow Pallets!
m2991041_P771035_princ_la m8101673_P1744049_princ_la  m9451042_P1964038_princ_la m9730601_P2015012_princ_la
This is perfect for any makeup lover or even makeup artists! See if they are interested in a specific palette, or if it’s one that they do not have and you think they would use it and buy it! Most palettes can be expensive, and if we are talking about makeup lovers then they use only good products, but you can always find good quality at a lower price like Sleek Eyeshadow Palette!

Really Fancy Gift Sets!
m9890436_P1975027_princ_la Urban-Decay-Naked-Vault-Review
Now… this is for a real makeup lover, someone who has a passion out of makeup or makeup is they job! For those kind of people, go full on! This is going to be expensive! But these will contain a wide range of good quality products that will be adored by the person you buy them for! They usually have multiple full-sized products!

Makeup Brushes!
m8030466_P1735009_princ_la m9660811_P1999101_princ_la mac-brushes Real-Techniques-Core-Collection-Makeup-Brushes-in-case
Everyone that like makeup, should own some makeup brushes to make their life easier! And everyone know that you apply makeup better with a brush! So you could go and buy them individually or buy Brush Sets that have the basics! Here I say, like always, invest in good quality brushes cause they make a difference! But there are some good value brushes that you can find like Real Technique!

I hope this was helpful, and gave you some inspiration, ideas for what to give as a GIFT for a MAKEUP LOVER!
If you have any more questions, please ask in the comments and I will gladly answer! 🙂

Stay Beautiful,

What NOT to buy as GIFTS for Christmas! :)

what-not-to-buy Hello gorgeous!
Christmas is almost here, and I bet most of you did not buy all your Christmas gifts for all your loved ones! 😛 And probably most of you have no idea what to buy as well… so I am here, today, to help uncheck some of your ideas that maybe are BAD! Here are 5 things that you might want to rethink!
So let’s begin:
eds-favs-foundations-6121. Foundation – Never ever buy a foundation for a person as a gift! (And this comes from an expert point) Everyone has a different type of skin, and reacts different to products depending on their skin. Plus you have to find the perfect color for that person… Foundations are not good gifts, they are to be bought personal! Also powder are included in here! 🙂
59314-stardoll-stardoll-clothes2. Clothes – I am referring to t-shirts, pants, dresses and so on! Unless you know that persons exact measurements, and even so, you are going to fail buying clothes. You have to know what size they are, what style they have, colors, materials and so on! If you know they like a certain shop, give them a GIFT CARD for that store!
diamond-jewelry13. Jewelry – Do not buy cheap jewelry! If you are going to gift someone pieces of jewelry, be sure the person matters to you and you invest in that present! Giving someone cheap metal/plastic jewelry is like telling them they are garbage for you.
perfumes_14. Perfume – perfume is going to smell different on every person because of their pH balance. So if something smells good on you it might not smell good on another person! If you are going to buy a perfume to someone, be sure you know what perfume they love, or their signature perfume (there are people who use THAT one perfume their whole life).
Unwrap Gift - Getty Unwrapped5. Not Wrapped Gifts – No one wants a gift that has no wrapping to open. It has to be nicely wrapped, or boxed with Christmas decorations on it! Believe me when I say, 50% of the gift is the way you give it and present it!

So there you have it! If you have any more things that should NOT be gifted, please leave them in the comments bellow! 🙂

Stay Beautiful,

NUXE Paris “Prodigieuse!” Set Review!

DSC_0609 Hello beautiful!
Today we will be unboxing and reviewing the Nuxe Prodigiuse! Set that I recently received as a present! As you can see this is a special edition set from Nuxe Paris for Christmas! In this beautiful red designed box you receive 4 products:
Huile Prodigieuse – Multi-Purpose Dry Oil for Face,Body,Hair 100ml (3.3 FL OZ)
Creme Prodigieuse – Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Cream 40ml (1.3 OZ)
Huile Prodigieuse OR – Multi-Purpose Dry Oil for Face,Body,Hair 10ml (0.33 FL OZ)
Bougie Prodigieuse – Scented Candle 70g (2.4 OZ)

DSC_0610 Huile Prodigieuse – This is a multi-purpose oil for hair, body, or face that nourishes, repair and softens with 6 precious plant oils! It has 97.8%ingredients of natural origin and it is Preservative-free! It is made in France, in Nuxe’s Laboratories and you can use it all year round! The smell is very powerful and a little goes a long way! I would use this on my very dry areas of the skin, or combine it with DIY face/hair masks for an extra boost! If you have dry hair, it will be a saviour! It does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, it’s very soft and the sweet smell gives it that extra glamour touch!
DSC_0611 Creme Prodigieuse – This antioxidant and anti-stress cream will relax your skin and make it fresh! Use it on your face and neck in the morning! It’s better to use it in the morning because of the energizing effects it has. It’s perfect for anyone with normal to combination skin! 🙂
DSC_0612 Huile Prodigieuse OR – It has the same benefits as the other oil in this set, but this is the fancy one! 😛 This has gold glitter inside it, very soft glitter leaving your skin looking amazing! Give it a shake before you use so you get the full effect! I would use it on special occasions, on my legs, chest, arms and for you with dry hair, just a little bit of this will make your hair look like a millions $!
DSC_0614 Bougie Prodigieuse – This is the ultimate touch for a “Spa Day” at home! This scented candle smells exactly like the oil you get in this set (Huile Prodigieuse) wich is amazing! Plus the candle itself looks so cute and festive!

I love this gift set! It’s the little things that make it worth, and using them is a pleasure. You will feel so much better after using them, giving you that extra glow and sweet smell! 🙂

Stay Beautiful,

Makeup work by me! :)

So recently I did some makeup on some of my friends, mostly for my book but I also felt inspired!
I did everything in these photos, Creative Idea, Hair, Makeup, Photography, Edit…so not crediting anyone is cause it was a self-made project! 🙂
Also, I will not specify the products I used in the makeup, If you really want to know what I used and where, please ask in the comments and i will gladly tell you!

DSC_0249 copydfgdfsf-2
DSC_0314 copyxd-2
DSC_0450 copy
Thanks to my friends: Amalia Nicula, Alexandra Nicula, Diana Maruneac and my little cousin: Tea Popa for being my models! I love you lots!

Stay Beautiful,